WATCH: Welcome to Matthew Mitcham's YouTube Channel

By: Brandon Voss

Matthew Mitcham has a new YouTube channel, you guys!

Well, he's actually been posting YouTube videos for years, most recently a ukulele serenade to his dog, so it's really more of a snazzy relaunch.

So why should you subscribe? "To help me bring more fun, music and gayness into your life as only I can," says the Olympic diver, who announces that he’ll be posting weekly videos in which he answers Twitter fan questions, vlogs about his "daily ridiculousness," and performs more ukulele covers of your favorite jams. If you're lucky, the adorable Aussie may even be up for a game of Truth or Dare!

He probably won't be discussing Tom Daley's hairy bum, because, you know, he already covered that.

Preview all the Matthew Mitcham mania below.