WATCH: Hey, Do I Look Gay to You?

By: Brandon Voss

Remember those YouTubers who adorably explored awkward kissing?

Well, vlogger MarkE Miller, one half of the cute couple, recently decided to make straight guys uncomfortable ask guys on his college campus if he fits the "gay stereotype."

"Surprisingly 'straight' guys have an extremely open mind not only to us gays but to all people," he writes about coming out to strangers.

Of course, this little experiment only works because MarkE is a butch jock, but as he explains, "Whether you be masculine, feminine, I don’t give a fuck. We’re all people. Just enjoy the video. Because at the end of the day, I still love the dick. Actually, one dick. It’s my boyfriend’s."

See the video below, plus an earlier video in which he poses the same question to girls.