WATCH: Rambo Goes Gay in Manly Musical Parody

By: Brandon Voss

"Rambo, But Gay" is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Beginning with the Quentin Tarantino quote 
"Gay subtext always makes every movie better," this outrageous Nerdist parody nipple-tweaks one of the most macho movies in history — with musical numbers, of course. But why?

"Sure there's blood in guts in this Rambo from Michael Serrato and Mark Byers, but in this musical version the audience is asked to reexamine what it is to be a man and what it is to be manly," reads the YouTube description. "This post DOMA tinkering of war veteran John Rambo is hopefully just the first exploration of 'Manly, But Gay' that Serrato and Byers get to tell."

Mario Diaz
 makes a damn fine Rambo, especially while getting a homoerotic scrub in the prison showers, and look for Drag Race alum Willam Belli butching it up — sorta — in man-drag as 
Deputy Mitch.

Check it out below.