WATCH: All the Right Moves With Contemporary Eric

By: Scott Ragan

Admit it — you've stood in front of the mirror trying to mimic the the latest gravity defying dance moves in your favorite music videos, or admired the creative choreography of contestants on So You Think You Can Dance. You may have even thought about taking a class to fine tune your mad skills and take it to the next level, just in case Britney needs an alternate dancer for her Vegas show.

Thankfully, Contemporary Eric is here to help with the basics — putting a name and explanation behind each and every move — something you've desperately desired to achieve as a respectable modern dancer.

Watch below as Contemporary Eric and his assistant Bich — pronounced Bitch — show you all the right moves, stringing them all together for a modern dance masterpiece that you easily follow along to in the comfort of your own home.

Stretch those joints and let's get started.

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