WATCH: The Perks (and Hazards) of Being a Wallflower

By: Editors

We'll keep it short. This terrific animated clip (less than 1-minute in length) directed by  Bjorn-Erik Aschim, titled "Wallflowers," is something approaching genius. The character studies are subtle and spot-on. If you've ever spent a little bit of time in a nightclub — whether dancing or just hanging out on the sidelines — you may recognize yourself, or those you've spotted on a recent night out.

It's all here: the naked hipster go-go dancer, the hot biracial gay couple who can't stop hugging on one another. An annoying whistle-blowing raver dude. Even a guy who kinda looks like Keith Haring. Check it out below.

Wallflowers from The Line on Vimeo.