'From Here On Out' — The Beefy Remix

By: Gay.net Editors

Just last week we spoke with actress Juliet Mills about her role in From Here On Out and the struggle to create a fictional gay-themed TV show. It's set to be released on March 28, and we now have a sneak peek behind the scenes video that's been remixed with lots of bare skin and man-on-man kissing.

Inspired by the real-life story of America's only premium LGBT cable network, Here TV, From Here On Out is a comedy that follows the character of aging gay writer Jimmy Randall (Terry Ray), who, after years of failed attempts, finally sells his television show Guy Dubai: International Gay Spy to the 18-year-old president (Austin Robert Miller) of Here TV. But Jimmy first must hire an openly gay leading man or the series will not go forward. Jimmy casts the sexy and talented Sam Decker (T.J. Hoban)... except Sam is secretly straight.

The show's now available on a paid YouTube channel and starts March 28 on Here TV's premium cable channel.

Check out the outrageous new video remix below, packed with beefcake surprises.

From Here On Out is written by Terry Ray, directed by Sam Irvin, and produced by David Millbern.

Here TV is owned by Here Media, the parent company of Gay.com and Gay.net.