J Pee Breaks Down the Art of 'Sensual Masturbation'

By: Justin Hernandez

Masturbation is a subject matter that is still considered slightly taboo and not really discussed in great detail. As if sensing this void, singer and comedian J Pee, the man behind last year’s viral hit “I’m Not Gay,” has returned with a new song and video devoted entirely to the act of pleasuring oneself.

Appropriately titled “Sensual Masturbation,” J Pee has teamed up with recording artist Gray Musiq to deliver this ode to self-gratification. The video is a send-up to the boy band craze of the late ’90s and features scenes of the two men conducting date nights with themselves while they sing lyrics like “when I get myself alone, I don’t need fellacio” and “this tissue ain’t for my nose, I’m about to blow my mind.” It’s a hilarious take on incorporating romantic gestures into the act of fulfilling one's own needs and takes self-love to a whole new level. Watch below.

J Pee is the alter ego of Jesse Pepe, who will be featured in Here TV’s upcoming original series From Here On Out. The sitcom centers around the adventures of aging gay writer, Jimmy Randall, as he tries to get his dream project made into a television series. Jimmy finally sells his show, GUY DUBAI: INTERNATIONAL GAY SPY, to the 18 year-old president of Here TV. However, Jimmy must hire an openly gay leading man or the series will not go forward. Jimmy casts the sexy, talented Sam Decker, but the only problem is Sam is secretly straight. To keep the show on the air, Jimmy and Sam conspire to convince the network that they have become a gay couple.

From Here On Out’s first two episodes are available on Here TV's paid YouTube channel, and will make its broadcast premiere on Here TV’s cable channel on Friday, March 28.


JUSTIN HERNANDEZ writes about sex, dating, and relationships for The Advocate and Gay.net. Follow him on Twitter @HernandezJustin.