Web Series 'Day Drunk Gays' Spoofs 'Boys Who Brunch'

By: Daniel Reynolds

A new Web series presents a hilarious look at gay men who brunch.

Day Drunk Gays, a provocative new YouTube series written by Ean Weslynn and directed by Benjamin Simons, released its midseason finale this week: “#SOOTIRED.”

In typical Day Drunk Gays fashion, the brunch participants try to outwit one another in creating metaphors for their exhaustion. For example, one diner states “I’m so tired, I’m Katy Perry’s new album.”

Day Drunk Gays regularly features five gay men who trade barbs and witticisms over mimosas. Moreover, each episode features a topic that offers commentary on gay culture, such as hookup apps, fashion, and pornography.

Watch the episode below.

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