Man Films Celine Dion Airport Tribute, Celine Dion Invites Him to Use Her Bathroom

By: Les Fabian Brathwaite

Richard Dunn can barely recall but it's all coming back to him now that his idol has acknoweldged his presence on this earth. After being stranded overnight at Las Vegas's McCarran International Airport, Dunn did what any red-blooded man with too much time on his hands would do: film an epic video tribute to French-Canadian chanteuse and Vegas staple Celine Dion:

Being the benevolent songbird she is, once Celine saw Dunn's tribute, she filmed a video of her own, inviting Dunn -- should he ever be stuck in Las Vegas International for hours on end -- to her show. Oh, and to use her bathroom. Presumably that's where she films her own music videos: