Gay, Shirtless Vlogger Puts Pants On With No Hands

By: Ross von Metzke

Gay plus hot plus shirtless plus video typically means a lot of views. But the 150,000-plus views this video has already amassed likely have as much to do with the gimmick as they do with the guys on camera.

YouTube vlogger Mark E. Miller stumbled upon a video of a guy putting on a pair of pants with no hands and thought it might be fun to forward the video to his boyfriend Ethan to see if he was up to the challenge.

Ethan filmed himself trying to put on his pants with no handles, and like the social media guru that he is, Mark decided to share said video with his YouTube fan base.

But because he’s clearly got a heart, Mark tacked his own attempt at put his pants on with no hands on to the end of the video — only in his attempt, he’s only wearing his underwear.

Watch both attempts here, and check out some of Mark’s other videos for more shirtless fun.