Channing Tatum Takes Off His Pants for Bear Grylls

By: Ross von Metzke

If you’re one of thousands of gay readers who enjoyed watching Bear Grylls and Zac Efron take their clothes off on last week’s clip from Running Wild with Bear Grylls, you’re going to love what the 40-year-old adventure host gets Magic Mike star Channing Tatum to do this week.

In a just-released clip from Tatum’s episode of the show, which airs Monday night on NBC, Grylls and Tatum take off their wet pants and wring them out after doing a backflip into a lake from a helicopter.

The two also fumble with harnesses that are cutting into their packages and, upon exiting the lake, drop to do pushups — we’re imagining the episode will include more fun, pseudo-sexual masculine bonding.

Are you ready for this?