WATCH: George Takei vs. Three Homophobic Tennessee Lawmakers

By: Christopher Donaldson

Every time I listen to George Takei talk about LGBT rights, I get the feeling he’s far nobler and more diplomatic than William Shatner has made him out to be.

In any case, here’s Takei putting his special kind of pressure on three homophobic Tennessee lawmakers whom he calls “friends of Dorthy:” 1. Rep. Stacey Campfield, sponsor of the “don't say gay” bill, 2. Rep. John Ragan, sponsor of a bill that protects homophobic bullies as long as they believe in a god that hates fags, and 3. Rep. Richard Floyd, who without hesitation would “stomp a mudhole through any transgendered person coming near his family.”

Watch the funny and certainly insightful video below (via Towleroad).


Tennessee Lawmakers: We Need To Chat from Allegiance - A New Musical on Vimeo.