WATCH: The Most Powerful and Devastating Case Ever Made for Marriage Equality

By: Michael Matson

Shane Bitney Crone (left) and Tom Bridegroom (right) were a young couple residing in California who shared a business, a mortgage, and a life full of love. A year into their relationship, both of the Indiana natives came out to their families. Crone's family embraced him and his partner, while Bridegroom's rejected him, called him a sinner and physically threatened him.

They did not have the legal protection of marriage, nor had they made wills. When Bridgegroom fell from a roof and died in 2011, his family excluded Crone from any involvement in Tom's memorial service and burial.

This is Shane's story, and it's one of the most powerful arguments for marriage equality we've ever seen. If someone with the talent, clout, and connections of Dustin Lance Black turned Shane and Tom's story into a film, it could move the battle for LGBT civil rights forward a good five years.

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