Super Friends Get Gay And Grey In 'Golden Girls' Spoof

By: Daniel Villarreal

Everyone already knows that Batman and Robin are gay. But did you know that in their old age they moved to Miami with Aquaman and Superman?

It's true—or so illustrator Kevin Bapp would have us believe—as we get to see the paunchy superheroes laughing, loving and living together in a heroic recreation of The Golden Girls opening theme.

Batman plays wise lo' Dorothy, Aquaman dodders as ditzy Rose, Superman serves as drama-queen Blanche and Robin enters at the last second as dirty-grandma Sophie.

Each man has become so tender and vulnerable in his old age; though we imagine that Aquaman talks to the goldfish whenever he feeds them and that Superman still heats up his laxative tea with his laser-blasting eyes.

Some superpowers never die, they just grow old.