Pat Robertson Calls Democrats the ‘Party of Gays and Godlessness’

By: Jase Peeples

And the award for biggest drama queen in a conservative, Christian television series goes to…

Pat Robertson.

The televangelist is well-known for his bigoted views on LGBT equality, but the crotchety conservative’s recent warning that the Democratic Party is “going after God” dramatically distorts the truth to such a degree it’s laughable – or at least it would be if fear-mongers like this weren’t making the world a more dangerous place for the LGBT community.

Because the democratic platform now officially supports marriage equality and the initial 2012 platform made no reference to God (presumably in an effort to be inclusive of all religious beliefs), Robertson infused his viewers with a good old-fashioned dose of panic in a recent episode of The 700 Club when he labeled Democrats as the “Party of Gays, Godlessness, and whatever else.”

Seriously Pat? Can you remind us what the Bible says about bearing false witness again?

Watch his dramatic performance below.