These Buff Baker Boys Want You To Taste Their Cupcakes

By: Daniel Villarreal

Whether you prefer sweets or meats, we've got the perfect Kickstarter for you.

The fundraising video for Man Candy and Cupcakes features four sexy bakers stripping down and laying down enough icing to satisfy even the fiercest sweet tooth... all in the hopes of getting you to cough up a little dough.

Here's their recipe for success:

Man Candy and Cupcakes will be 100 plus full color pages and will feature more than 50 photos so seductive you will need a cold shower after flipping through them. We will be initially producing a digital version with a potential print version to follow. There will be four flavorsome bakers featured and the recipes will be reflective of their personalities from boy-next-door wholesome goodness to debonair and dashing to smoldering Latino lover through to the lonesome cupcake cowboy.

Sounds delicious. And if you give, you could end up with some pics of the baker boys, a box full of their divine cupcakes or even end up in a shoot with the guys themselves.

But of course, don't forget to wipe your mouth when you're done.