This Brilliant Rant Will Change How You Think Of Bisexuality

By: Daniel Villarreal

Bisexual YouTube vlogger Ritch Famous would like you to stop making him prove his bisexual credentials.

Think of how many times you've thought of bisexuality as "invalid"—as a front for bi-curious straight guys who just want "bro-jobs" or gay people who are too afraid to fully come out of the closet—and you'll begin to understand Famous' point in this eloquent, must-watch rant:

"A lot of the time when you tell someone that you're bisexual, they ask for your credentials. They ask 'How many men have you dated? How many women have you dated? Which one do you prefer? Which one have you had more sex with? These incredibly personal questions that you wouldn't ask a straight or gay person, but bisexuality has less 'validity' so we get asked all these stupid, intimate questions."

"And if you don't want to answer than someone will make assumptions about you. But if you do answer and the fact is that that out of the three people you've fucked, that two of them are one gender and one of them's the other, then people will decide that you're either gay or straight—they'll make the decision for you."

He then goes on to explain how the pressure drove to have try and be intimate with equal amounts of men and women just to prove his sexual identity.

Judging by his hair, his occasional crazy eyes and the irritation in his voice, you can tell that it all kinda messed him up, but he make a great point.

The next time you think about asking a bisexual for stats of their sexual history or telling them that they are in fact gay or straight, just accept that people are different and that no one should have to prove who they love to judgmental strangers—not even you.