This 3-Minute Expedia Ad Will Make You Cry

By: Daniel Villarreal

Prepare to watch the most heartwarming, LGBT-friendly commercial you've ever seen.

It's for the travel company Expedia and it depicts a father struggling with his daughter's lesbianism after she invites him to the wedding.

It's beautifully shot, nicely acted and so lovely that you forget that it's just a commercial. These aren't real people—though they could be—and it wasn't shot at an actual wedding.

Though at three-minutes length, you could call it a short film of sorts.

Three things are extraordinary about this ad:

One, as far as commercials go, it's the most touching depiction of gay love we've since the Australian PSA, "It's Time"; incredible, considering that Expedia is a travel site and not a marriage equality advocacy group.

Two, the intended audience reaches across the age spectrum. The dad speaks to middle-age consumers eager to reconnect with children they may not understand. The wives represent younger affluent consumers, the type who would use Expedia to book wedding travel arrangements. And lastly, the ad speaks to a younger generation who appreciate seeing same-sex couples lovingly depicted in a commercial.

Three, what's so astounding about the commercial is its support for gay couples, their families and their desire to marry.

Whether or not Expedia extends domestic partner benefits to LGBT employees or gives to anti-gay causes is unknown to me.

However, in this age where Chik-Fil-A's president makes anti-gay statements in a cynical bid for conservative customers, and the so-called National Organization for Marriage threatens to boycott any company that doesn't "stay neutral" anout marriage equality, it's nice to see a company that acknowledges the fact that gays exist, they want to marry and they might just use a travel website to help get that done.