This Gay Parenting Ad Will Melt Your Icy Black Heart

By: Daniel Villarreal

Even if you hate kids and loathe matrimony, this short marriage equality ad for will melt your disdainful, Ice Queen heart.

In it, a cute goofy dad bonds with his so-adorable-you-could-eat-her-face daughter. They ride a plane, celebrate her birthday, fix her bike, read bedtime stories, celebrate Christmas. Throw in some twinlking piano, an emotional passage about parents being "big kids" and some "home movie" shaky-cam, and you've got an ad that even the Grinch himself would love.

The twist though is that even the best, most loving and doable gay dads in the world still get denied legal protections in Europe (and America). Why? Because our countries don't recognize same-sex marriages as valid, leaving our loved ones vunerable to discrimination from hospitals, schools, businesses and all sorts of government institutions.

Sucks, don't it?

But the European LGBT groups behind this "Invisible Parents" campaign — the Coalition for Equal Marriage and All Out — used just the right amount of sugar to help that bitter reality go down.

And if the ad leaves you feeling all warm and a tinge sad, visit All Out's campaign website and see what you can do to help.

You might also wanna call your parents and tell them that you love them. Big kids need love too, y'know?