WATCH: Grannies Give an Effin' Valentine to Antigay Haters

By: Daniel Villarreal

Last year the good people at FCKH8 dropped a few heart-shaped f-bombs onto antigay haters.

This year they're doing the same, except they have a different messenger — cane-wielding grandparents who are tired of bigots hating on their queer grandchildren.

They come bearing heart-shaped messages such as “You call my gay grandson a fag? Bitch you don’t want to mess with this old bag," "Your cock-blocking equal marriage is very upsetting. I want to dance at my grandson’s gay wedding," and "You douche-bag haters best not give granny no sass. Fuck with the lesbos in my Family? I’ll pop a cap in your ass.”

Awwww! Thanks grandma and grandpa! We love you too!