Those 'Thrift Shop' Dudes Are Hip-Hop's Greatest Gay Allies

By: Brandon Voss

Their infectious single "Thrift Shop" may be a ubiquitous Billboard chart-topper, but rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis continue to get attention for their surprisingly staunch support of the gay community.

Now the hip-hop duo has released a public service announcement for the You Can Play Project, a national organization "dedicated to ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, without regard to sexual orientation." No surprise that Macklemore also gives a shout-out to gay musicians.

"We’ve also got great friends and family, and some of them are gay," says Macklemore in the clip. "You know someone who’s gay — athletes, musicians, people in your life — they just haven’t told you yet. You know what? It doesn’t matter. It could be baseball, football, basketball, soccer, piano, an instrument — if you have the skills, talent, and heart, you can play. Don’t let being gay hold you back, and if you’re straight, do not hold others back. Antigay language has no place in sports, or music. If you can play, you can play."

Watch the super-cool PSA below.

We can also replay their controversial single "Same Love," which was influenced by Macklemore's gay uncles and written in support of a Washington ballot measure that would legalize marriage equality statewide. Seriously, how awesome are these guys?