WATCH: Queens 'Drag Down Bigotry' for Westboro Baptists

By: Brandon Voss

Remember when Planting Peace, a nonprofit historically dedicated to environmental conservation, purchased and rainbow-painted the Kansas house directly across the street from the Westboro Baptist church compound, turning it into the Equality House?

Well, as if those bright colors weren’t irksome enough, the organization just held “Drag Down Bigotry,” an outdoor fundraiser for Planting Peace's anti-bullying and human rights advocacy programs.

“Drag in this sense is not about aggressive or abrasive behavior to mock or bully anyone, but rather communicates a message of celebration and the power of creativity to transcend the rigid gender structures of society that have oppressed the many who have never been able to feel honest or authentic in their existence,” said Amelia Markham, the director of outreach for Planting Peace, in an earlier statement. “Although the event itself will be undoubtedly entertaining and comedic, this is not about harassing or shaming the WBC. The show will be on our property and is for the sole purpose of raising money and awareness for anti-bullying in public schools as well as equality at large.”

More than 150 spectators turned out for the performances, and no surprise that the WBC responded by waving their "God Hates Fags” signs from behind their fences.

Check out video of "Drag Down Bigotry" below.