Vintage Hunk: Antonio Sabàto, Jr.

By: Mike McCrann

Antonio Sabàto Jr. turned 40 this past February, which is pretty young to be considered "vintage." However, as his career started many years ago and he is still quite gorgeous, with dreamy good looks and a stellar body, he certainly fits our "hunk" label. Besides, we figured you wouldn't mind if we used this as an excuse to spotlight a bunch of his old underwear modeling shots.

When Sabàto replaced Mark Wahlberg as the Calvin Klein underwear model, his hot pics dominated numerous fashion mags. His Times Square billboard literally stopped traffic. That's because Sabàto was the most stunningly gorgeous, seemingly exotic man in the world. He was able to use his modeling fame as a means into the acting world, catering to his core audience on daily soaps, in TV movies, indie gay films— all of which were more or less fixated on his face and body. But there are traces of real talent in some of these performances, especially the great TV film If Looks Could Kill from 1996.

Antonio Sabàto Jr. was born in Rome, Italy in 1972 to a Czech mother and Italian father. They moved to the US in 1985 when Sabàto was 13, and he eventually attended Beverly Hills High School. After graduation in 1990 he started modeling for Calvin Klein and appeared in Janet Jackson's "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" music video. Once the acting bug bit he suddenly seemed to be everywhere, appearing on TV's popular soaps General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful, as well as other assorted TV guest spots. On one of them, the campy Melrose Place, Sabàto revealed some unexpected acting chops as the gorgeous but abusive husband to Heather Locklear.

Then in 1996 the TV crime thriller If Looks Could Kill came out, and Sabàto gave his finest performance yet as the sexy con man/murderer John Hawkins. This true-life tale of a man who uses charisma and charm with both sexes to advance his criminal exploits is a true guilty pleasure from start to finish. He used his obvious appeal, but then provided a really dark portrait of an evil man whom no one could resist, making him truly mesmerizing. Unfortunately, this fine performance did not really lead to any first rate films.

On the gay front Sabàto made Testosterone, a truly terrible film in which he was not only the sexy gay boyfriend but had a brief full frontal nude scene, which is pretty easy to find on the internet. He was also the Advocate cover boy in 2006 and was a gay character in a 2011 episode of Hot in Cleveland.

Sabàto was married briefly and has 3 children from various women, including a soon-to-be 18-year-old son with gorgeous actress Virginia Madsen (Sideways). With two parents that beautiful, can young Jack Antonio be another budding model/actor?

You can learn more about the current doings of this ageless heartthrob by going to his official website. If you want to see Antonio Sabàto Jr at his acting best, check out If Looks Could Kill; men do not get any more dangerously beautiful than this. In the meantime, take a look at his magnificent body (of modeling work).