Vintage Hunk: Lee Majors

By: Mike McCrann

When I was growing up, I used to watch The Big Valley to see one of my faves, Barbara Stanwyck as the macho Victoria Barkley (probably a gay clue for my parents!) who ran her empire with the help of 3 children plus the illegitimate Heath played by super sexy blonde hunk Lee Majors. I may have turned in for Babs (and certainly not for the simpering inept Linda Evans) but my teen hormones were stimulated by the sight of the scrumptious Majors.

Lee Majors had a tough early life. Born as Harvey Lee Yeary in 1939 he lost both his parents before he was two. Adopted by his aunt and uncle, Lee was raised in Kentucky and was a football star in high school. Coming to California to pursue an acting career, Lee's debut was unbilled as the cheating husband, Joan Crawford hacks to death in the pre titles of her grand guignol classic Straight-Jacket. Sexy shirtless Lee was shown in bed before the fatal blows. Lee had no dialogue but he was the sexiest corpse of the year.

Stardom came to Majors when he was chosen to play the illegitimate son in Barbara Stanwyck's TV western The Big Valley. The show was a big hit and Stanwyck deservedly received most of the critical attention, but Lee Majors was the male breakout star. Sexy, built and dangerous, Majors made Heath the great bad boy of series TV for four years.

Further fame came in 1973 when Lee Majors married Farrah Fawcett - the sexy Charlie's Angels star. Their marriage lasted 9 years and ended when Majors' friend Ryan O'Neal fell in low with the blonde bombshell (Farrah not Lee!) and started their tumultuous relationship.

Lee Majors recovered and found his biggest fame with his smash hit The Six Million Dollar Man. Playing astronaut Steve Austin, whose body was reconstructed with bionic parts, Majors was at the top of his game and bionic or not, Lee's parts (those visible!) looked pretty great.

Lee Majors married 4 times and his current spouse seems to be the final choice. He has three sons and one daughter. When I think of Lee Majors, I think of a hot, sexy, hairy chested blonde Adonis who rode the west in The Big Valley. Of all the stallions on that ranch, Lee was the most inviting.