Vintage Hunk: Casper Van Dien

By: Mike McCrann

A hunk named Casper? Next to Casper: The Friendly Ghost, Casper Van Dien is the only celebrity I know with that name.

Casper's main claim to fame is the great camp sci fi classic Starship Troopers in which he starred as Johnny Rico. The film stands as a testament to Van Dien's incredible beauty and sexy body – which was on display in several nude scenes.

Casper Robert Van Dien, Jr. was born in Florida in 1968. Descended from a prominent Dutch family, Casper was a beauty from day one.

In high school he was called the "Ken Doll" which apparently led to many fist fights. Wanting to become an actor, Van Dien moved to LA and quickly got roles on a number of TV shows including playing James Dean in a biopic.

In 1997 Dutch director Paul Verhoeven chose Casper to star in his film version of the great Robert Heinlein sci fi classic Starship Troopers. The fun film was a hit and Casper Van Dien was the perfect hero – both beautiful and built.

Van Dien's nude scenes were particularly popular with the film's many gay fans. (Van Dien followed this film with another scantily-clad role by playing Tarzan in one of the many versions of the timeless classic.)

Most of Van Dien's later work in b movies and TV did not measure up to his earlier fun films. However, had the comic book (Avengers etc.) movie craze come 15 years earlier Casper Van Dien might have ruled the screen as he was more beautiful than most of todays' adventure stars – and every bit as talented.

Today Casper Van Dien is 44 years old and is still as sexy as he was back in his Starship Trooper days.

He was married to Robert Mitchum's granddaughter and had two children. Since 1999 he has been married to gorgeous Catherine Oxenberg of royalty and Dynasty fame. Happily married they also have 2 children.

If you want to see Casper at his naked best, buy or rent Starship Troopers.

Heroes don't come any more gorgeous than Casper: The Friendly Hunk.