Vintage Hunk: Don Grady

By: Mike McCrann

When I was a kid growing up I was obsessed with The Mickey Mouse Club and the serial Spin and Marty starring Tim Considine. When Tim Considine moved to the long running comedy series My Three Sons I followed as did this week's vintage hunk Don Grady. Maybe Don Grady doesn't totally qualify as a hunk, but he was about the cutest teen on television for over a decade. Grady's death last month from cancer at age 68 was a shocking reminder of how precious life can be.

Don Grady was born in 1944. He was Don Louis Agrati-born and raised in California. Don now with the homogenized last name Grady was a Mousekeeter on the Mickey Mouse Club. Any kid who grew up in the 50s (like me) can tell you that this was the show of the decade. We all rushed home from school to watch the daily doings of the fab Mouseketeers. Everyone loved Annette, but some of the boys, like Lonnie and Don, also were fan-faves for young gay teens.

Don Grady moved on to My Three Sons where he played Robbie the middle brother to Tim Considine and later adopted Barry Livingston. Fred MacMurray was the star of this fabulously successful show that ran for 12 years. Adults tuned in for Fred but the teens and younger watched for the incredibly sexy Tim Considine and the adorable Don Grady. The show was wholesome and fun and two of those three sons were sexy hunks in the making.

When My Three Sons sailed into the sunset Don Grady devoted his career to music and was relatively successful doing the music for the Blake Edwards Comedy Switch and the theme song for The Phil Donahue Show. Don Grady was married twice but his second marriage lasted from 1985 until his death. He had two children.

Don Grady died from cancer on June 27, 2012. It was hard to believe that the adorable teen from The Mickey Mouse Club and My Three Sons was 68 and no longer with us. A few years before he died, Don was interviewed when he and his band were performing in a Los Angeles suburb. He prophetically said: "The message, like an afterthought, will be there...We're still WAY alive, we're still positive, and we still have a dream to fulfill."*

Don Grady brought pleasure to many people in his career. It is too bad that his dream did not last longer.

*Ventura County Star - May, 2009.