Vintage Hunk: Tim Considine

By: Mike McCrann

I have been on a kick these past few weeks profiling cute teens from 50s and 60's TV series like Don Grady and Tony Dow. But the best of this bunch - maybe because he was the first teen I had a crush on - was Tim Considine.

In this age of multi media - Internet, tweeting etc etc it is hard for young gay teens to realize that back in the late 50s when I was growing up all we had was the movies and TV and no show ever gave gay kids more pleasure than The Mickey Mouse Club especially with its Spin and Mary serial. Everyone rushed home to watch adorable Tim Considine as Spin and cute David Stollery as Mary in this story of two boys on a dude ranch.

I thought Tim Considiine was about the most perfect teen I had ever seen. There were strange stirrings in my very young libido that I was not aware of up until then.

Timothy Daniel Considine was born in 1940 in Los Angeles. His parents on both sides were well connected to show business. Tim Considine got the role of his career when he was chosen to play Spin Evans opposite David Stollery as Mary Markham in Spin and Marty.

There were 25 eleven minute episodes shown in 1955 on The Mickey Mouse Club. Taking place at the Triple R Ranch Spin was the poor, athletic and popular boy and Marty was the spoiled rich boy who learns about life on the ranch. Tim Considine and David Stollery were a great duo as their opposing personalities led to strife and then eventual friendship. If there was no actual gay subtext between the two young teens you could not help fantasize about such a relationship if you were an impressionable gay teen yourself.

The fantastic success of the first series led to two additional ones. Mickey Mouse Club queen Annette Funicello and Keven Corcoran as "Moochie" were added and later fellow mouseketeer Darlene Gillespie. Just writing about all this seems impossibly silly now but you just had to be there. Finally there was TV show not featuring puppets for kids with raging hormones and while David Stollery seems cute enough now it was no contest 60 years ago. Tim Considine was just IT.

A sexier older Considine moved on to the long running series (12 years) My Three Sons. This Considine was almost grown up and actually had relationships plus he had that cutie Don Grady as a brother and dear old Fred MacMurray as his Dad. OK the show was pretty white bread and bland but Considine and Grady were the cutest brothers on TV.

Tim Considine also made movies like the Disney hit The Shaggy Dog. He later pretty much retired from acting and became a respected automobile historian and photographer. In 2005 the DVD release of Spin and Marty on its 50th anniversary had both Tim Considine and David Stollery interviewed by Leonard Maltin.

If you want to see what gay American boys were lusting after 60 years ago in dull Eisenhower mid century America you can check out the DVD of Spin and Marty. We all wanted to be with Spin and Marty on The Triple R and some of us wanted to be with Spin in that bunkhouse at night.