Vintage Hunk: Jan-Michael Vincent

By: Mike McCrann

My friend Jeff suggested that I profile Jan-Michael Vincent as the Vintage Hunk du Jour, but I had always put off JMV as his life had turned into such a train wreck in the last decade or so. Nevertheless, no actor was more popular with gay men during the 70s and 80s than the once sexy and gorgeous Jan-Michael. JMV was one of the first mainstream actors to go full frontal in 1974's Buster and Billie. These shots of Mr. Vincent and his appendage only whetted gay fans' appetite for the sexy stud.

Jan Michael Vincent's fame rests primary on his epic mini-series The Winds of War, his cult series Airwolf, and the great cult classic film Big Wednesday.

Jan-Michael Vincent was born in Denver, Colorado in July, 1944. He is the same age as your devoted hunk chronicler. After attending Ventura College in CA and a stint in the National Guard, Vincent was spotted by a talent scout. This lead to numerous TV appearances and some minor movies roles, but soon better movies assignments came with The Mechanic (with 70s star Charles Bronson), Going Home with Robert Mitchum and the TV film Tribes where Vincent excelled as the hippie draftee.