Vintage Hunk: Dolph Lundgren

By: Mike McCrann

Vintage Hunk has profiled ex-Presidents, Academy Award winners, TV stars and now just a pure hunk with no attempt to add any redeeming qualities like acting ability, cult movies or any other saving grace other than a gorgeous body.

Dolph Lundgren, born Hans Lundgren in Sweden in 1957 was an 80s action hero and martial arts star. Lundgren first came to the attention of the American public when he played Russian boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV - the series that would not die!

Dolph Lundgren starred in such cinema classics as Masters of the Universe as He-Man and action junk films like The Punisher and Universal Soldier opposite his Dutch clone Jean-Claude Van Damme.

One of Dolph's finest moments was not a film but a sexy poster where singer Grace Jones stood in front of the naked Adonis.

But whatever one thinks of Dolph and his "career" the man himself is extremely intelligent and very self-aware.

He has a chemistry and chemical engineering degree and in an Entertainment Weekly 2011 article on the Swedish hunk, former co-star Sylvester Stallone stated: "He's probably the most educated guy in the history of Hollywood, but you'd never know it because he looks the way he does."

EW described him as: "looking like a Norse God...his face is all chiseled-granite angles, and his tanned skin makes his teeth seem as big and bright as mah-jongg tiles." (Not bad for a man who just turned 55!)

Dolph Lundgren sounded fun and very intelligent in this interview. When asked if he had a Clint Eastwood type film in him, the actor/director stated: "Well I don't know if I'd take it that far. But don't count me out. I may surprise you."

Dolph Lungren was a beautiful Swedish God who was perfect 80s eye candy. And the French film magazine summed him up best. Dolph was "Le Champion du Muscle."