Vintage Hunk: Mark Harmon

By: Mike McCrann

In 1986 Playgirl magazine put Mark Harmon on its cover and called him Mr. Perfect. That same year he was People magazine's Sexiest Man of the Year. Mark Harmon has had a solid acting career - mostly on television for over 40 years. He is Mr. Perfect. Handsome and sexy without being outrageously narcissistic, Mark Harmon has been consistently perfect his whole career.

He was born to sports and Hollywood royalty. His father Tom Harmon was a Heisman winning football player at Michigan. His mom, Elyse Knox, was a movie star. His sister Kris married Ricky Nelson and his other sister married car magnate John DeLorean. And Mark has been married to former Mork and Mindy star Pam Dawber since 1987. They have two handsome sons.

Thomas Mark Harmon was born in Burbank in 1951. A privileged childhood was followed by his two years at UCLA where he was the starting quarterback leading the Bruins to a 17-5 record including a stunning upset of two time defending champion Nebraska in his first game. TV icon Ozzie Nelson gave young Mark his first acting job and TV fame and fortune followed with various popular series including the camp cult fave Flamingo Road and the critical hit St. Elsewhere. Harmon was on this last show for 3 years, but chose to leave and his character's death from HIV was considered ground breaking during that tumultuous period.

Mark Harmon broke new ground when he played serial killer Ted Bundy in the well-received TV film The Deliberate Stranger. During these years he was nominated for two Emmy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards. Mark Harmon aged like fine wine and he returned to series television in one of the popular NCIS shows. Mark Harmon never became a superstar, but he has worked nonstop his entire career and has always been a fan favorite who also has genuine talent.

Years ago, while I was working at the UCLA Research Library, I got to meet Mark Harmon. Every morning we had to spend an hour filing library cards in the main lobby drawers. One day I was standing there and the most handsome young kid came up to me and asked me to help him find a book. I looked over and it was Mark Harmon - already famous on campus for his football heroics. My eyes were bugging, but I eagerly helped him find what he was looking for. He was absolutely gorgeous with beautiful eyes and skin and that hunky body. Plus he smelled so wonderful. And he was sweet and not full of himself at all. I almost passed out after that encounter, but it made me love Mark Harmon forever.

For UCLA fans, TV fans and almost everyone who has ever met him, Mark Harmon is still Mr. Perfect!

Watch below for a terrific video photo gallery of sexy Mark Harmon through the years.