WATCH: Iron Man Lights the Fires of Fierceness in Sailor Moon Parody

By: Patrick Yacco

Here's something you never knew you wanted: Tony Stark transforming into Iron Man in the style of Sailor Moon! (Why no one ever thought of this before is beyond us.)

Created by animation students in South Korea and titled "Iron Moon," the clip is quite faithful to the original. Don't believe us? Compare it with the highlight from the original Sailor Moon S in the second video below.

If this leaves you feeling nostalgic for the original show that ran in America in the 1990s, don’t worry, you may soon be able to get your Sailor fix in a whole new way. While no official announcement has been made yet, Den of Geek reports a Sailor Moon reboot is in the works and rumored to be headed our way via an international release.

We’re crossing our fingers that it not only maintains the perky attitude of the original, but also still features same-sex relations like that of Sailors Uranus and Neptune in the original anime series.