Word of the Week: Gaylimia

By: Gay.com



1. Excessive (borderline psychotic) eating behavior from a person of normal weight and appearance, who is attempting to lean out and achieve a supposed "A-list" gay body.




1. Pertaining to, resembling, or affected by gaylimia.

In a scene:
Friends Sean and Thomas drink coffee at a Starbucks while watching gay boys head to the gym. Sean nudges Thomas as a very thin young man walks past.

SEAN: Is that hottie Scotty?
THOMAS (nodding): But he's not so hot anymore.
SEAN: Did he get sick?
THOMAS: Started hitting the clubs. Or he just wanted to wear skinny jeans. Who can say?
SEAN: And now he's gaylimic. So sad...

Thanks to Thomas for this week's word!

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Image: Photos.com